• Marie Jbeil

SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology is now open

May 2019, the SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology restaurant chain finally opens in Montreal!

It is located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, a major street in Montreal that is known to be a commercial artery and cultural heritage site. The street runs north-south through the near-centre of city and is nicknamed The Main which is the abbreviation for "Main Street". Taking place in the former premises of the Buoanotte, the 14th SHAKER branch makes its debut at the same time as the summer season!

They even have DJs that mixes during opening hours which creates a very festive ambiance especially on the weekends.

Location: 3518 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2X 2V1

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11h00 AM - 3H00 AM

Menu and cocktails: Variety of choices to eat and to drink; Tartares, Tatakis, Burgers, and more.

Reservations: Follow this link

The restaurant has 250 seats and a majestic 40-seat central bar, also an outdoor terrace that can accommodate about 60 people. It will defenitly be worth the visit especially when the sun is out like today in Montreal. You can go with a group of friends, family or even for a date, you choose!

The official media opening event will be held on Wednesday July 10 2019, don't miss out on my stories. Make sure you follow my instagram and facebook page to stay up to date.

Photos and credits:

Instagram: @shakercuisineetmixologie

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Facebook: @shakerstlaurent