• Marie Jbeil


Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Beautiful blue door in Mykonos

I am beyond excited to be able to share my trip to Greece on my blog since it is the first personal travelling experience that I am writing about.

It all started on July 19, 2019

I traveled with two of my very good friends: Aurelie and Zeina. I couldn't ask for a better duo than them, we bonded and had an amazing time together even though there was some ups and downs. When you travel with your friends and live together for 15 straight days, trust me you learn to know them even more than in the everyday life back at home.

Zeina, Aurelie and me

Where in Greece?

- Athens was our first stop and we stayed for a day only(Thank God, lol). We visited the parc where the Acropolis is located and walked the entire day. It was extremely hot and exhausting but we succeeded. Later at night we went out for lunch at Cartone and for shisha at Hookaholic.

- Mykonos was our second stop. We stayed at a Hotel called Terra Maria, the staff was amazing and so welcoming. We went to Tropicana beach club(which is awesome btw), to Santana beach club, to Cavo Paradiso Club, and more. We tried to get to Scorpio but it was way to crowded and under reservations. It was the first time ever that I party for 16 hours straight and honestly it is a very unique experience even if I was extremely tired the day after. There are great restaurants on this Island and the food is delicious, not very cheap but hey it is Mykonos!

- Milos was our third stop and we stayed at the cutest airbnb located next to the port of the Island. We rented a car to be able to move around since there is quite a distance between a beach to another, or even to visit the chief town in Milos called Plaka. We enjoyed our first beautiful sunset from the top of a mountain which was impressive but nothing too exciting in my opinion. Oh, and it was the Island that I cherished the most especially after the boat tour that we had with an amazing crew on board.

- Santorini was our forth stop and my less favourite one because of how overrated I felt it was. There is a lot of tourists, it is not very easy to walk peacefully or to even take pictures since the lineups to do so are interminable. However, we went to a restaurant with a view of the sunset(my best moment on the island, lol) called Strogili.

- Chania(Crete) our fifth and last stop. We met up with few of our friends and went to a beach called Balos(third picture down below). You can get there by car or by car and ferry since the road is in the mountains, it is rocky and narrow; drive slowly and be ready to walk for half an hour after parking if you decide to drive. We also went to Cabane Mare Beach Club, it was less fun than Tropicana(Mykonos) since no one was really dancing, it was more of a relaxing vibe. On our last night, we went to a club called Mylos, the ambiance was amazing and festive.


- Renting a car is better than ATV, there is more manual cars than automatic.

- In Mykonos the drivers are crazy and it could be dangerous to drive mostly at night. Use buses and taxis.

- When you go to a restaurant, they will probably serve you bread without you asking. You eat it, you pay it!

- Always have bottles of water in your possession, trust me you will drink it all.

- Don't go to Mykonos if you don't intended on partying.

- Be ready to move around and to walk long distance because there is a lot to see.

- Prepare yourself to spend a lot of money if you want to enjoy to the fullest your stay in Greece, lol

- Travelling to Greece requires organization, make sure you plan it a few months in advance if you want to go there.

- Just chill and enjoy everything.

In Mykonos


I feel grateful and happy that I was able to visit such a beautiful country with my friends and I will do it again anytime. It was definitely the best 15 days I spent on vacation, I did not wright about every single detail of the trip since I will never finish it on time. Finally, I have posted quite a few pictures and stories on my instagram page, take a look at them and let me know if you intend to travel to Greece.